Welcome to Quinta da Porta

Be most welcome to Quinta da Porta!

This is a truly magical place and we are privileged to conserve it in our family for several centuries. Today the old Manor houe is at the center of a modern company dedicated to fruit growing which covers an area of cherry and peach torchards of about 100 hectares. In order to add value to the farming business, the project of Quinta da Porta has spread to new business areas, among which stands out the production of the old olive oil Portuguese soap (Castille soap). It's just another variation of our spirit: to combine the most modern know-how with the ancient savoir faire!

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And everything we produce here with just one simple click away. On that side it's all it takes.
The remainder leave it up to us: we deliver you the best of Quinta da Porta at your doorstep!

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Olive Oil Soaps

Our olive oil soap is entirely natural and handmade. This was the we way we used to make soaps long ago. We recovered this ancient methods to offer you a soap, which is friendly both to your skin and to the environment. Know more...